FAQ and Features


  • Convenient Location
  • Professionally Landscaped
  • Privacy Wall
  • Electronically Controlled Entry Gates
  • Storm Integrity: Built to 160 mph wind rating
  • Flood Elevation
  • Fire Protection: Includes fire sprinklers, fire alarm and a fully monitored system


  • Condominiums come with a mezzanine space
  • First-Level Full Bath with shower
  • Individually Climate-Controlled LED Lighting


  • Elevator
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Car lift(s)
  • Epoxy floor cover
  • Wet bar
  • Built-in humidor
  • Sauna
  • Wine storage solutions

Here are some commonly asked questions along with their answers. If there's a question you have that isn't addressed on this page, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we'll gladly provide the information you're looking for.

When can I occupy my condominium?

In 2025.

Are there different size condominiums?


Can I combine two condominiums?

Sure. We can combine units.

Do the condominiums have cable and Wi-Fi?

The units will be cable/internet ready. Wi-Fi service at owner’s expense.

Do the condominiums have air conditioning?

Air conditioning is standard in all units

What is included with each condominium?

Air conditioning, bathroom, a generous LED lighting package, ample electric service, multiple outlets, electric garage door, natural light, covered pedestrian door with electronic access control, personal parking in front of each unit, and more.

Is there security?

There will be 8-foot privacy walls, electronically controlled gated entrances, cameras and onsite personnel.

Is bank financing an option?

The condominiums are treated like standard condominium units and can be financed.

Can the units be used as “man caves”?

Yes. Owners can modify the interior of their unit per the current zoning, building code and association guidelines. No exterior modifications are permissible.

Can I run a business from a condominium?


Can I rent out the condominium?


What are the monthly fees?


Can I install a car lift?


Can I customize the interior of my condominium? Can I work on a vehicle in the condominium?

Yes. You can do almost anything you would ordinarily do in your home garage, as long as your work or hobby does not reasonably interfere with the enjoyment of other facility occupants and does not violate any of he restrictions in the association rules.

Hurricane-flood proof?

Our units will be built above flood level requirements designated by FEMA.

Can I modify the exterior of my condominium?


Can I access my condominium at any time?